StreamVenue Healthcare
We deliver Innovative Solutions for Minimal Invasive Surgery Providers.

Our solutions are focused on making education, collaboration and communication more affordable and accessible. We deliver innovative solutions that help make this focus a reality for minimally invasive surgery providers of all types and sizes.

StreamVenue Healthcare has enormous implications in the minimally invasive medical classroom. Medical students now have the opportunity to participate in minimally invasive procedures in "real time, "without being physically in the OR. For organizations engaged, or looking to be engaged in continuing medical education, StreamVenue Healthcare provides solutions for the design, development, and distribution of live endoscopy content for existing, or newly developed online CME portals. Techniques, tools and technologies are evolving particularly rapidly within the minimal invasive medical field. StreamVenue Healthcare is a solution that provides hospitals and doctors with new partnerships that conserve resources while also insuring that doctors remain at the cutting edge of their fields.

StreamVenue Healthcare dramatically improves the ways in which surgical hospitals within the same network collaborate. StreamVenue Healthcare also has the ability to alter the ways in which urban and rural healthcare providers interact. Using StreamVenue Healthcare's solution, a rural doctor can now perform an endoscopy procedure while another urban doctor participates in "real time." Because our solutions allow the surgeons to communicate and receive feedback, the urban and rural doctors can work together towards a solution for the patient.

StreamVenue Healthcare is reshaping the way the healthcare industry delivers live video to medical conferences and symposia globally. There are no satellites, no trucks, and no crews. Our solutions are highly adaptable and responsive, tailored to each individual conference's particular needs. For vendors of medical devices and technologies, StreamVenue Healthcare offers the opportunity to provide live events of your company's product in use. Potential clients watch your products in the hands of a physician.

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